"enjoyed some fine acting, especially form Kirstie Wilde as an intense, very strong Lady Margaret" - The Stage Magazine.

"Kirstie's vibrant personality and approachable nature combined with her sound knowledge and undeniable skill leads to a quality of tuition that is up there with the best" - Sam Coleman.

"Kirstie is quite easily the best drama teacher I've had. She pushes you to be better than you are and always finds ways to make your acting more natural. The best part about Kirstie is that she makes the lesson fun. She'll make you laugh most of the time and you won't even realise you've learnt something!" - Sam Hickman.

"I strongly recommend Kirstie as an acting coach. Not only did I learn so much I also enjoyed our lessons. Thank you so much Kirstie!" - Parisa Tasbihi

"Kirstie is undeniably an amazing teacher. Not only have my acting skills improved greatly but also my confidence when performing. It is easy to learn with Kirstie because of her down to earth nature and friendly personality - I couldn't have asked for a better acting coach!" - Maria Crowter